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  • Entirely made in Italy  Bandiera 1
  • The art of nativity figurines, over a century of quality
  • All figurines are hand painted piece by piece
  • Nativity figurines of craftsmanship with unique warmth
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PVC peculiarities

The items produced by FONTANINI are mainly pressed in PVC. This material, preparedby the Firm through careful manufacturing techniques, is unique.

Its plasticity captures all the details of the original mould. At the same time, it is extremely resistant to scratches, and is unbreakable. After melting, it is injected at very high pressure and temperature. Therefore, after a brief period of cooling in the mould, the piece is removed from the pressing machine, carefully examined and placed in a basin of cold running water, to cool down completely.

Artisan's hand

A careful inspection follows. The finished pieces are then distributed to artisans in their homes for decoration.

Decoration is completely hand made and this is probably the most fascinating moment of the process.There is a lot of history in the small villages of the Lucchese hillside, a tradition bound to the "painting of the figurines".

Many families are still involved today, just as they have been in the past, keeping alive the enthusiasm they put inthis delicate work, passing their skill on to future generations.

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