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  • Entirely made in Italy  Bandiera 1
  • The art of nativity figurines, over a century of quality
  • All figurines are hand painted piece by piece
  • Nativity figurines of craftsmanship with unique warmth
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Development of a metal mould

CesellaturaThe development of the metal mould used for the production is done in various steps.
Once the wax model is approved, the actual manual construction of the mould begins. Using clay, the mould maker ( so called for making it manually) works as if it were a sculpture, on one of the two parts which make up the mould. He does this by outlining the wax model with clay, adding on layer by layer, thus creating a box. He then repeats this on the other half of the mould.
At this point, having achieved the two parts of the clay mould, he proceeds with the preparation of theĀ  plaster mould.

High resistant plaster

The two parts are then "boxed" with glass lining to create a small tank. A particular type of plaster, resistant to high temperature and breakage, is then cast inside. This because the two plaster moulds obtained are those which make up the last step, where the two final methal parts are made. The compound which in nature presents itself in bars, is melted and cast on the plaster moulds in order to obtain the real mould.
Before entering into production, the mould is mechanically prepared in the Firm's workshop. It is then tried out and tested before taking it to a chiseller for the final finishing of the last details.

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