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  • Entirely made in Italy  Bandiera 1
  • The art of nativity figurines, over a century of quality
  • All figurines are hand painted piece by piece
  • Nativity figurines of craftsmanship with unique warmth
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The artist is free to express himself 

Lo scultore Elio Simonetti alle prese con una statua sacraOnce they agree on the subject to develop, a member of the Fontanini family visits the sculptor at his studio and decides with him on the general character and on the size of the item to develop. It is important  to know that right from the first Fontanini generation, the sculptors have always been free to develop the models according to their own artistic inspiration, so that thier natural art may not be influenced by others.
An artist who is free to express himself will always offer the best.

A first draft, then the wax sculpture

To start with, the model is made of plasticine or clay and it is just rough cast of the actual sculpture. It is then developed in wax. This part of the creation of a Fontanini piece is followed closely by Fontaninis. Should they find it necessary to alter anything, this is the last stage for any changes to take place because wax is easily manageable.

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