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  • Entirely made in Italy  Bandiera 1
  • The art of nativity figurines, over a century of quality
  • All figurines are hand painted piece by piece
  • Nativity figurines of craftsmanship with unique warmth
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The art of nativity figurines, over a century of quality

Over a hundred years of quality and tradition in the art of nativity figurines that have last over four generations. This is the business card of the prestigious company Fontanini, established in 1908 in Bagni di Lucca. A brand that has become a synonym of an expression of high class craftsmanship internationally and that is associated with fine crafted nativity scenes with polished details all over the world.

Nativity figurines of craftsmanship with unique warmth

Success and fame have not changed the family's skill or spirit. Today, thier works still emit the warmth, sincerity, love and attachment to all those who contribute to the creation of these marvellous pieces of art and the intense desire to continue the old tradition of figurine makers from Lucca. It is the adventure of one of the many individuals who threw plaster into moulds and went around Italy and Europe selling little shepherds and sheep. Generations dedicated to the creation of nativity scenes and various figures characterised by a plasticity that plays on the intensity of faces and the study of expression and details.

All figurines are hand painted piece by piece.

The characters of the nativity scene and for example angels, are clear evidence of this. Hand painted piece by piece, they are a symbol of beauty and finesse. Creativity and technique, tradition and innovation accompany the rhythms, which are now exquisitely crafted and industrial, of the craftsmanship until the final, above all peculiar, result is achieved, a fruit of skill and workmanship.


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