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Active since 1908, the Fontanini company keeping to the old tradition of Lucchesi figurine designer now produce subjects of unique expression and accurately modelled. Generations devoted to the creation of nativity sets and different figures, marked by a plasticity played on the intensity of faces and the of movement and details. Nativity set figurines and angels are evidence of this type of creation : each piece is hand painted, of different sizes from few centimetres to big dimensions, are symbol of happiness and sweetness, bearing a message of peace and indicating a brotherly friendship.

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Nativity set and figures

Nativity set and figures

Since 1908, Fontanini has specialized in the creation of handcrafted creche and various figures of the Christmas tradition accurately modeled, characterized by the intensity of the faces and extreme attention to detail. The statues of our cribs are absolutely unique, made of PVC, durable and unbreakable material, and exclusively hand-painted piece by piece. Very popular due to their easy handling, the statues of our creche are manufactured in a wide variety of measures, so as to allow maximum customization of your crib. Fontanini Nativity scenes are on sale around the world at the most qualified shop of Christmas items, which are characterized by a wide selection and huge assortment of statues and decorative items, and today, thanks to our catalog on-line, you can make the sale and shipment of cribs directly to your home.

Nativity set and figures

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